BillingsWorks Workforce Council

BillingsWorks, a collaboration of Billings businesses and organizations, is bringing it all together. By anticipating Billings' workforce needs, we are focused on talent attraction and retention, helping to develop local education that provides the skills needed for our key industries, and engaging the business community in the process.


Once you've experienced Montana, you know it truly is the Last Best Place. And Billings, Montana's largest city, is the trailhead to all of Montana's majesty. But it's not only about Montana's charisma; with a thriving economy and business community, Billings is a place of great opportunity. Find a fulfilling career and a quality of life that's unmatched anywhere else.


Connecting ambition with opportunity projects Billings' upward momentum. As home to Montana State University Billings and Rocky Mountain College and with a Nationally recognized thriving business community, it only makes sense that these resources work together to create valuable experiences for students and employers alike.