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Why Billings

Billings is a vibrant place to build a lifestyle, develop a career and experience
adventure. Better Off in Billings is our unified voice to share our story and culture,
and an economic tool designed to elevate our community and its people. Join us!

You are Better Off in Billings because there is space for you to:

Be. Grow. Play.

Affordable housing, short commutes, fun lifestyle and great opportunities to succeed.

Resources provide many opportunities for personal and a professional development.

So much to do and see – recreation, dining, entertainment, shopping and much more!

Let Us Share Our Story With You

It is amazing the number of residents who took the leap, made the move, and found that they are truly “Better off in Billings.” It is real, not just a slogan. They found a community where the Big Sky is the limit, where people are ready to help and where access to opportunities are plentiful. We have a network of great people ready to tell you all about life in Billings and what you might encounter here. Let’s talk!

Better Off In Billings

There’s Space for You to GROW

Personally and professionally, however you want! Billings enables you to be a community and business leader!

There’s Space for You to PLAY

Billings, a place that offers a different pace and quality of life!

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Who has the inside scoop on life in Billings? Our Better Off in Billings Ambassadors do! Contact one to find out what really makes our city tick. They are eager to share their insights with you!