A major goal of BillingsWorks it to ensure the alignment of our higher education, career and technical education, and K-12 education and training systems with current and future workforce demand.

Billings’ education and training partners are the community’s greatest asset in addressing the long-term needs of business and industry. It is imperative that the programs and curricula offered at these institutions are aligned to current and future workforce demand. As the go-to resource for workforce development information, BillingsWorks is working with our community’s education and training providers in developing curriculum, launching new programs, and helping their students prepare for and transition to careers.

BillingsWorks is currently developing an Internship portal for college students that will help to train and retain our current graduates. If you are a company who would like to get involved in this program, please call or email Brittney Souza, Director of BillingsWorks at 406-839-8416 or

In addition, please contact us if you know of an education, training, certificate or apprenticeship program, opportunity or grant that BillingsWorks could utilize or if you want to get involved in this committee.