Talent Attraction

The BillingsWorks State of the Workforce findings established that the talent pool is shallow in Yellowstone County. It is imperative, then, that Billings and Yellowstone County launch a proactive talent attraction strategy to encourage highly-skilled individuals to move to Billings and bring their talents to the community.

From focus groups and interviews during the strategic planning process, it became clear that individual businesses are already conducting on-going talent recruitment efforts targeted toward individuals not just outside of Yellowstone County, but also targeted toward talent outside of Montana. A collective talent attraction strategy will support these efforts which, over time, will decrease the cost to individual employers and increase the volume of skilled talent available to them.

This website is one part of that talent attraction campaign and if you would like to learn more about our efforts and collaborations, or if you have experience in the recruiting or marketing field and want to become part of this committee, please call or email Brittney Souza, Director of BillingsWorks at 406-869-8416 or Brittney@bigskyeda.org.