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About Us

BillingsWorks is a local workforce development collaboration hosted by Big Sky Economic Development and supported by members of a Steering Committee and over 80 public and private businesses. Workforce Development continues to be a strategic priority for Big Sky Economic Development and its many partners for our community and region.

The 2020 State of the Workforce Report confirmed again the strategic goals set for BillingsWorks, including BillingsWorks as a community and employer resource, training and education alignment with the jobs available in our market, being the business hub for work and learn opportunities, and helping businesses find qualified workers through talent attraction.

BillingsWorks 4 Initiatives

Goal 1: 
Collaboration and Partnership Accountability: As a workforce council we will commit to continual collaboration and follow through to move the needle on workforce development in Yellowstone County.

Goal 2: 
Support Local Employers: BillingsWorks will serve local employers by providing resources and best practices about how to hire for daily operations. Support employers in finding niche groups for potential workforce (i.e. Veterans, pre-release, minority/diverse populations). BillingsWorks will provide local employers with strategies and information to assist as they adjust their workforce due to COVID19.

Goal 3: 
Alignment with Education: Ensure the alignment of education and training systems with current and future workforce demand. Promote educational opportunities to community partners and communicate demand/need for potential workforce.

Goal 4: 
Talent Attraction and Retention: Develop a talent attraction campaign that promotes the benefits of living and working in Billings and Yellowstone County. Implement at retention and growth strategy for current workforce emphasizing the value and amenities of Billings.