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Amanda Boerboom

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Amanda Boerboom

Healthcare/Outdoor Recreation

My name is Amanda and I moved to Billings from Bellevue, WA in August of 2012. My husband was offered a position and we decided to take the chance and move. Billings is the largest city in Montana and has the conveniences of a large city (fancy coffees, art, food, Target) but on a much smaller scale. Growing up in the plains of the Midwest I think Billings is beautiful. It is surrounded by what the locals refer to as the rims. In the distance you can see snow-capped mountains in several directions and the city is so spread out when you overlook the city at night it seems to expand as far as the eye can see. I think Billings is a great place for a young professional. I have had move career opportunities than anywhere else I have ever lived. If you have the idea, the drive and the willingness to connect with others, you can go far and try things you would never be considered for in a larger market.

Billings is also the healthcare hub of the region. It has two large hospital systems in town that provide amazing primary and specialty care for a city this size. It also has two colleges, a large public school system and even a few private options. As a young professional with a young family I also love that the average commute time is 17 minutes allowing more family and recreation time. My favorite thing about Billings is the people. Having a full conversation with someone you just met is a common occurrence. People love feeling connected here and will go out of their way to get to know you. Once you decide to embrace Billings, Billings will embrace you back.