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Colton Welhaven

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  • Fitness clubs around town, I love to work out!
  • Trails and hikes, the Beartooth’s are amazing!
  • Billings Catholic Schools, former graduate and current foundation board member!
  • Young professional networks, check out Billings NextGEN!

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Colton Welhaven

Finance/Young Professionals

Welcome to Billings, Montana’s Trailhead! Where the plains meet the mountains, Billings offers big city living with small town people. Enjoy the busy, bustling downtown with all the amenities that is only a few steps away from great trails, fishing, and outdoor access.

I am a Billings native, born and raised. A graduate of Carroll College (GO SAINTS!), I have been back in Billings for three years. The Billings community I have grown up in is a truly special place. With a diverse economy supported by the railroad, oil & gas, agriculture, hospitality, and health industries; Billings continues to grow. The dedicated community encourages professional development and civic engagement by all those willing to be involved. Often overlooked, Billings is a great place for young, recent graduates!

I live in the growing part of west end Billings with easy access to shops, restaurants, and city parks. However, downtown Billings is my favorite area to be in. Hidden gems such as dining, award-winning breweries, vibrant music scene, renovated theatre, state of the art public library, local boutiques, need I go on?