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Irene Ramirez

Ask me about:

  • Food and drink
  • Outdoor recreation
  • College student life
  • Shopping
  • Air transportation
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Pet-friendly spots, and social connection

Irene Ramirez

Finance/Higher Education

Welcome to Billings, Montana! I love Billings for its friendly people and breathtaking scenery — it’s the perfect place to work, study, play, and build your future!

I am a transplant from Southern California. I came to Billings to attend Rocky Mountain College and am now a permanent resident of Montana. It took me some time to insert myself into the community, but when I did, the opportunities in Billings and the friendly people made it incredibly easy to become involved. The transition from the big city to a small community felt effortless. Billings laid-back style has offered me all the necessary comforts of a big city, with the neighborly feel of a small town.