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Jessica Haynes

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Jessica Haynes


Welcome to Billings! – Billings is great place to live for anyone who wants to enjoy the luxuries and conveniences of living in a larger metro-area, but still desires to embrace that small-town sense of community.  Billings is home to two major hospitals, a state university, and several national award-winning local restaurants and craft microbreweries.

As a Montana Native, born right here in Billings, I’ve had the opportunity to grow up with this city. Our family has made our home in the booming far West End corridor of Billings, where new neighborhoods are being developed every day to accommodate the city’s expanding markets. Billings diverse economy has allowed my husband and I to grow professionally through networking and community engagement.

From year-round outdoor adventure, to a stable and equitable housing market, Billings has always provided our family with an endless list of reasons to continue building our life here.