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Keith Hart

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Keith Hart

Real Estate

Welcome to Billings! I LOVE this city, and I know you will too! The people of Billings are its biggest asset, and I can’t wait to help you connect!

I was born and raised on the far far FAR west end of Billings on our family farm. I moved away for a few years (to Bozeman. I know, world traveler here). The pull of family, friends and opportunity pulled my wife, Jessica and I back in 2013.  We love raising our son, Knox, here. When we aren’t working, we are usually taking part in a community event, enjoying family time, and working on house projects.

My wife and I both work in forward facing jobs within the community, so I am comfortable answering just about anything. If I don’t know the answer or who the best source of information is, I know who to ask to find it. My top 5 favorite topics or most knowledgeable areas are: