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Mike Leo

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Mike Leo


Welcome to Billings! If you’re looking for a livable and affordable city with amazing access to some of the west’s best outdoor recreation, you’ve found it!

I moved to Billings about 12 years ago with my wife and our two small kids. We came from the Bay Area in California and you be amazed at how easy the transition was for all of us. In looking back, it was mostly because people are just so nice here. And, living in Billings is so much easier than a bigger metro area. We still have a lot of live music, theatre, fine arts and other cultural events, but without all the traffic and huge crowds. For our family, the best part of living here is the easy access to the outdoors. We can be at the Red Lodge Mountain ski area in just ONE HOUR! We can be at an alpine lake at 11,000 feet in an hour and a half, and we can be in our raft of the Yellowstone River in about 20 minutes. Our basic quality of life here is so much better, mainly due to this incredible access to the outdoors. And I didn’t even mention that Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks are just a few hours away by car.

Ask me about schools and real estate. I’ve served as a Trustee on the School Board for the last five years. I’m also a Realtor here in Billings. We have excellent public schools, and very affordable housing, especially when compared to other Montana cities like Bozeman or Missoula.