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Tim Gardipee

Ask me about:

  • Native American business development
  • Photography as a business
  • Children (as I am blessed with four)
  • Connecting with the faith community

Tim Gardipee

Native Initiatives Director - Gianforte Family Foundation

Welcome to Billings – the largest city in Montana.  It is a great place for opportunity and connectionI enjoy its growing diversity, the opportunities for business, personal and professional growth.    

I live in the far westend area of town.   

I grew up on the Blackfeet reservation, I am an enrolled member Little Shell Tribe and a descendant Blackfeet. With a degree in business from the University of Montana I moved around Montana concentrating on community and economic development, primarily with organizations and communities that served Indian Country. I have been a part of the Billings community for a little over four years and have since grown to consider and call Billings home. With work, family, friends and a church community, I have been able to connect and grow both personally and professionally.