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Zack Terakedis

Ask me about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Schools – our kids are in elementary school
  • Downtown
  • Business culture
  • Outdoor adventures – fishing, rafting, biking, hiking, skiing
  • How to travel in and out of Billings for family, vacations, etc.
  • How to meet people in a town that is welcoming a lot of newcomers.
  • Neighborhood personalities

Zack Terakedis

Arts and Culture

Thanks for considering moving to Big Sky country, one of the best places on the planet to call home.  Billings, MT is a community that authentically embraces everything that makes Montana a wonderful place.  As a large rural town, we have many wonderful urban amenities so that you can entertain your envious friends when they visit before you haul them off to the surrounding natural environments.  Billings is just big enough to have conversations that are larger than small town coffee gossip, but small enough to see many people you know at the local coffee shops.  We are in the center of every natural resource that Montana has to offer within an hours drive.  The tallest mountains in the state, the Yellowstone River, the high plains and small agricultural communities will allow you to engage in all outdoor pursuits from fishing, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, or hunting.

Our family has chosen to live in the core of Billings in the historic district near the Moss Mansion.  We believe if you are going to live in town, you should be where the city’s heart beats through culture, people walking and biking, and with neighbors who know you and care.  I am a small business owner in downtown Billings and we are part of the amazing medical community also located near downtown.  We are just a 4 minute bike commute to work, so when it is time to get out of town to play hard, we don’t mind loading up to head to the mountains.

I grew up in the Midwest but my father moved to Livingston, MT when I was in high school.  Following college, I moved to Montana full-time.  After a few years working on ranches in Paradise Valley, Montana, I followed my wife for a decade from Montana to Atlanta, Denver then Salt Lake until we could finally move back to Montana to raise our family.  Billings provides us with a safe and healthy environment to raise our small children with kind and friendly families who also appreciate kindness, active lifestyles and access to good schools.  Through my downtown business, I have discovered a whole new community of people who are passionate about making Billings the best it can be for future generations.