Businesses in Yellowstone County currently have significant talent needs that require immediate attention. While long-term strategies are important for future growth and vitality in the community, there is also the need to address companies’ immediate needs to ensure they remain competitive and poised for growth. A mechanism to address these immediate talent needs was created through WorkNow.

In the WorkNow Resource Team model, subject matter experts come together to provide a rapid and comprehensive solution for a business that leverages any and all resources that are available from community partners and programs. These WorkNow Resource Teams come together to identify solutions at no cost to the employer. The WorkNow model has demonstrated success with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and has also been used to facilitate sector-specific dialogues among the Retail and Hospitality industry.

If you are a business who is interested in finding out more about how WorkNow can help your business or if you are a subject matter expert in human resources, recruiting or staffing, and would like to become part of our resource team, please call or email Brittney Souza, Director of BillingWorks at 406-869-8416 or